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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Yin and Yang of a Team

Master Dave and Tom blogged about team. I feel that there is a whole Yin and Yang to creating a complimentary team. Yin and Yang explains the two opposing forces that interaction on a daily basis to create balance within the world. As part of the Ultimate Black Belt test, we operate as a team. Don"t we? Tom mentioned in his journal that he not organized to the degree that he is creative. I must admit that with my science degree, I always struggle creativity but excel in organization. Thats the beauty of a team. Someone becomes the yin while the other person is the yang creating a complete balance.

What is a team, anyway?

A Team comprises a group of individuals linked by a common purpose. The purpose is the key anything less creates only a group not a team. An effective team works similar to the human body with every system and organ with a specific function working together - although each job is different they support the healthy function of the whole.

Whats our purpose in the Ultimate Black Belt Test?

Our Ulimate Black Belt test requiresments are very flexible leaving the door for opportunity wide open. I guess the answer starts with each individual deciding on something their passionate about and using that passion to make a different in your school and community - using our martial arts schools as the lightning rod for attracting the energy of student activism. It"s about coordinating one of the strongest resources, know to man the resource of volunteerism. With 30 schools on UBBT team 3, if the average school has 100, that equals over 3000 people. That"s more manpower than most companys can coordinate.

Creating a stronger team

Inspire: As instuctors, we need to inspire students to find causes and to follow through on their commitment. Otherwise, our support of 3000 will dwindle down to 500, 250, 100.

Willing suspension of disbelief: The author, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, coined this term in the 18th century. This means turning off that little voice telling us that something is impossible or can"t be done. If Henry Ford or Edison didn"t suspend their disbelief, we would be lighting our houses with candles and riding horseback for transportation.

Appreciate Strengths and ignore weaknesses: A team weakens when we start believing that our strength supersedes the value of others within the team. The advantage of a team is that one person"s weakness is another persons strength. We need to appreciate these differences.

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate

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