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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Fall Garden Update

Ep.13 Don't Prime Me! Part 2

Ep.14 Don't Prime Me! Part 3

Monday, September 30, 2019

Max Impact Theory #10 No Casualties Part 1

We talk about the new addition to the family as well as an animal attack and the great emu war.
02:00 Do you mean the desk?
09:15 A Selfie Bison at Yellowstone is Dangerous
10:29 Bad Parent of the Year Award
13:01 Hank Peterson - How to survive Yellowstone Park
14.35 Emu Wars

Max Impact Theory #9 - Maybe I'm Like Einstein

00.23 Is 3 people a long line
01:49 Kyoshi Tim's Secret Experiment
07:14 Potato Vodka tastes like something died in it
09:15 Self Experimentation for Memory
10:10 Neuralink
17:11 Tip to improve memory

Back to School Tips for Parent Part 4 - Opportunities increase your chil...

The very best thing you can equip your child with is self-confidence. There is absolutely no substitute for self-confidence. Let me repeat that because this line is very important: There is absolutely NO substitute for self-confidence! Confident children face every day with a positive outlook and tend to have better grades, more friends, and less stress.

Here are some tips for increasing your child’s self-confidence:

- Help them find their inner talents. Everyone has an inner passion or ability that they can sink their teeth into. This includes sports, martial arts, music, reading, writing, arts, et

- Ask them what their favorite hobby is or interest, and then find a way to help them pursue their passion. Don’t ignore their requests to play the piano, or pick up a new sport. Just remember that if they do find a passion make sure you help them follow-through. Some children tend to get lazy simply because they lack motivation. It is up to you to keep them motivated.

- Find positive role models. Coaches, Martial Arts Instructors, tutors, and babysitters can have a positive influence on your child’s life. In fact, many children will listen or open up to their role models more so than they do to you because they feel a special bond between them. This is not a bad thing! Think about the special people that you confide in. I bet you have special people besides your parents that have helped shape your life. Don’t be afraid to cut the cord and let your children seek inspiration from other people that you know are great role models for them.

- Remind them every day of how special they are. Confidence begins at home. Praise their efforts and accomplishments whether they are big or small. You don’t have to go overboard but you don’t want to let the little opportunities that build your child’s confidence slip by you.

Final Thoughts…
Reflect back to when you were a child and think of how you would have parented yourself. What would you do differently than your parents? What would you do the same? Life is a mystery and an adventure. Both good and bad experiences are part of life and can help you understand your children a little better. Keep this article somewhere special and read it when you feel like you need a little parenting boost. Hopefully one day you’ll share these tips with your child as they enter adulthood and become parents too.