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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Basic Fishing Tip - Art of Plunking

This is one of my favorite, simplest, and most effective fishing techniques - Plunking.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Basic Fishing Rig for Trout - Split Shot and a Worm

I am outside and wanted to show you one of my favorite fishing rigs. It's simply a split shot and a worm.

For trout fishing, I use a size 8 or 10 hook. I thread the hook through the worm. I use two BB size split shot because that the perfect weight for the size of this stream.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Basic Fishing Rig - Bobber, Split Shot, and Trout Worm

I have many fans following my Instagram and seeing me catch lots of trout. They were asking what fishing rig I am using. I use a simple Bobber, Split Shot, and Trout Worm rig.

First off, I see many people using way too big of equipment for trout fishing. What you want is small hooks (8 or smaller), thin line (I prefer 4# test), and a small bobber.

The size of the bobber determines the number of split shot. You want enough split shot that the bobber just barely floats on the surface. This way the fish will not feel the resistance when they strike the worm.

Presentation is everything hooking the worm. I thread hook through the worm.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Orleans Style Coffee with Roasted Dandelion

This In one of my last videos, I show how to roast and ground dandelion root as a coffee substitute. This video shows how to make New Orleans style coffee with roasted dandelion root.

New Orleans style coffee is usually coffee mixed with ground chicory. Instead of the chicory, we're replacing the chicory with ground dandelion.

To make New Orleans Style coffee, you use 2 parts coffee and 1 part roasted dandelion in a coffee maker and brew like regular coffee.

It has that same smoothness of New Orleans style coffee with chicory.