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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Game Cam Setup for Deer Hunting 2016

Help me answer my hunter's dilemma...

Watch the video and put your answer below.

How to get free leaf compost

FREE is my favorite price. Here's a free resource in your community. Some townships collect leaves in the fall and compost it into big pile and provide for free to the local community. It's a great win-win for the gardener with free compost and the township doesn't need to pay for disposal.

Easy Garden Irrigation Unit for Mom

My brother, Steve. and I set up an irrigation system for my mom to automatically water her garden. It's easy to set up and worked awesome. I want one for my home.

Transplanting Pepper and the Attitude of Self Sufficiency

Try this garden hack...

I interplant my pepper plant in the center of my onions. By the time the onions are done, the pepper plants are starting to take off for the season.