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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Update! Black Garlic in Compost Bin

Well, I checked my Black Garlic in my compost bin. It was a success in that I got black garlic but in the future, I'd do a few things differently.

First, the mason jar lid rusted away and the jar got extremely dirty. The next time I'd put the mason jar in a plastic zip lock bag to protect it.

Next year, I want to try a vacuum seal bag too!

Board Breaking Aug. 24th 2017

Board Breaking Live Wednesday August 23 2017

How to Repair an Arrow Fletching with QuikFletch

Click the Below Link for QuikFletch

Hunting season is approaching and I have arrows with fletching that need to be repaired. I use Quikfletch Twister with great results.

Watch the video to see how it's done.

Replacement Bench Seat Top

A few years ago, we had a cement bench seat top break. We've had the cement legs in the garage for a couple of years now.

We decided to put create a new bench seat top out of wood. Watch the video to see how it's done.

Three 3' Long Pressure Treated 4X4"
Two 3' Long Pressure Treated 2X4"
Four 1' Long Pressure Treated 1X1" (I add a 30 degree angle cut to the ends)

1. Take the 3' length of three 4X4's and the two 2X4's. Lay them down on a flat surface and alternate them.
2. Put a 1/2 inch gap between each piece.
3. Measure 6" from the sides and place one of the one foot 1X1's on each side. Screw them into each of the top pieces.
4. Now that the bench top is secured. Take the concrete legs and place them next to the 1X1's screwed down.
5. Take 2 more 1X1's and screw into the opposite side of the concrete legs for a snug fit.

Place the concrete legs in place and fit the bench seat top on it.

EXPERIMENT! Sweet Potatoes in Compost Bin

As I showed in one of my other recent videos, I have extra sweet potato slips that I didn't know what to do with.

I am experimenting with growing some in my compost bin that is resting for the year.

Watch the video for more details.

My wife's new potting bench made from pallet wood

For years now, my wife has wanted me to build a potting bench.


We were getting pallets for another project. Two pallets we found I told my wife looked perfect for the top of the potting bench.

An idea was born...

I cut the two pallets to size for the top working surface and the bottom shelf.

The legs came from the centerpiece up another pallet. I used the full length of the leg for the back to attach the smaller shelf and used a Sawzall to cut the front legs to size.

The top shelf was the section I cut off from the original pallet that I used for the working surface.

I screwed everything together with leftover deck screws.

My wife had the idea of cutting some of the pallets supports and attaching them to the front of the shelves and work top to give it a finished look.

My wife and I were very happy with the results. I wanted to add a flat clear coat for the Finish but my wife preferred the more rustic look.

If you would like to see more projects like this one, please like and share to help me fund my next project.

Our first crop of raspberries.

After many years of no success with growing raspberries, we finally got some.

I've always picked raspberries in the wild. A few years ago we thought it would be nice have some raspberries in our garden.

We bought the raspberry plants and they kept dying off on us. After the third time, we finally got some and the plant is spreading.

EXPERIMENT! Making Black Garlic in Compost Bin

My daughter who is a culinary student told me about the magic of black garlic. I decided to try to make some.

I didn't like the idea of using a rice cooker and keeping it on for 30 days in or near my house but found a video showing it made in a compost bin.

To make black garlic in a compost bin, the temperature need to reach 140 degrees. I achieve those temperatures and thought I'd try it out.

I trimmed the garlic heads and placed them in a mason jar. Then, I buried the mason jar in my compost bin.

Now, I just need to wait 30 days and see how it turns out.

I'll give you an update then!!!

Garlic Braiding for Storage

Do you need a great method to store all that garlic that you grew?

I braid mine and hang it in the basement. With this braiding method, my garlic lasts a whole year. By the following spring, the garlic is dry enough to grind into garlic powder.

Check out the video and try it yourself.

New Blueberry tunnel protection from birds

We got our net protection for our blueberries from the birds.

We hammered in rebar and bent 10 foot PVC tube. Then covered it with netting.

My wife love the new tunnel. Before I used bamboo poles and tied on crossbars. It was functional and cheap but my wife hated the look.

It's worth it to compromise to make the wife happy.

Experiment! Growing sweet potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket

I had some extra sweet potato slips and wanted to try an experiment of growing them in a 5 gallon bucket.

this is a little late in the season to plant sweet potatoes but I thought it would be worth a try.

I'll give you an update on my experiment in the fall.

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