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Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Check this out! Today is Blog Action Day - the day that thousand of bloggers around the world blog on the same topic. This year's topic is "the Environment".

Therefore, I am blogging about my campaign to plant trees. For the last few years on Earth Day, our school hands out seedlings to the local community to raise awareness of the importance of trees and reducing our carbon footprint. So far, we have given away hundreds of seedlings and through an article written in NAPMA now with our very own Coach Tom Callos. The idea has taken root (no pun intended) in many schools throughout the nation, planting thousands of trees.

Why plant a tree?

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society provides the Tree Tenders Handbook that explains the many advantages of planting a tree.

Heres some of the benefits to planting a tree:

  • Trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to freshen the air we breathe.
  • Trees remove ozone and other air pollutants, as well as trap dust and dirt.
  • Trees save energy and reduce cooling costs.
  • Trees increase the value of your home
  • Trees improve health (Hospital patients with views of trees recovered 10% more quickly from surgery)
  • Trees encourage serenity and relaxation
  • Trees reduce violence (studies proved this phenomena)
  • Trees increase pride in local communities

Do you want to get involved?

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society provides free Tree Tenders classes. For more information, visit their website by click here.

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