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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween Safety Tips: How to Trick-or-Treat Safely with Your Children

Children love trick-or-treating for Halloween. They get a chance to dress up as their favorite characters or scary monsters. Halloween is great fun but it also has its host of safety hazards, lurk in the shadows. Keep your ghouls and goblins safe during trick-or-treating by observing the following rules of Halloween Safety.

1. Have an adult with you – A child should never treat-or-treat alone. Halloween is a great time to talk to your child about the importance of Abduction Safety.

2. Trick-or-Treat in daylight, if possible – Get an early start and complete your trick-or-treating by sun down.

3. Carry a Flashlight or Glow Sticks – Kids enjoy carrying glow sticks, but they also ensure that passing cars will see them.

4. Walk, Don’t Run – Running is a major cause of accidents for children during Halloween. With the not perfectly fitting costumes and reduced visibility from the mask, slips, trips, and falls are common. Reduce the risk by enforcing a walk, no running rule. Also, make sure their costume does not drag on the grounds.

5. Don’t Cut Across Yards – Remember you are at someone else’s house. Demonstrate courtesy by walking on the sidewalks instead of cutting across lawns.

6. Wear Shoes that Fit and are Comfortable – Nothing can ruin a great time with your kid more than them whining that their feet hurt and you are a mile walk from home.

7. Take Your Mask off – Masks cut down on your visibility. Pull the mask up between houses and return your ghoulish mask at the door.

8. Only Go to Lit Houses and People You Know – If the lights are not on, chances are that they are not at home or they don’t want to join in on the Halloween fun. Respect their boundaries and pass this house for a more trick-or-treat friendly home.

9. Stay Away from Animals – Halloween is exciting for children and animals are excited too. Some animals might display territorial behavior because you are walking on their property. It’s best to avoid the problem and stay away.

10. Walk on Sidewalks – Stay clear from the roads were a car might not see you’re child. Warning your children to stay away from cars that slow down and offer you candy or try to get you to come over. Also, teach your kids never to get into anyone’s car.

11. Never Enter a House without Your Parents – While your child is trick-or-treating, advise them about the dangers of entering a house without a parent accompanying them.

12. Don’t Eat Any Candy Until Your Parents Check It – Parents should examine all candy before eating. To avoid the temptation of eating a few pieces on the road, make sure to eat something before heading out on your trick-or-treat adventure.

Children look forward to Halloween and trick-or-treating. By observing a few rules, your ghouls and goblins will enjoy a fun and SAFE time.

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