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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My First Phone Interview Today

Today was an exciting day. I gave my first phone interview to Bruce Barber. The interview stemmed from a blog I posted on Halloween Safety Tips at my blogspot.

How did he find my blog?

You guessed it, Google!

It was a pleasure speaking to the public about this very important topic. He asked some great questions about how does it seem that child listen to their Martial Arts Instructor when they wont listen to their parents. Terrific stuff!

Bruce Barber Productions

I find the stories of people I meet very compelling. Bruce Barber owns a production company and was (in his words a zany) morning radio show host. As he got older and had children, he wanted to produce a show that helped parents and the community with relevant content.

His new weekly show aired in the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York called The Real Life Survival Guide features useful tips for living, based on interviews with people from all walks of life, sharing personal experiences and advice. Check out his new website at Bruce is one of my living heroes now.

This pre-recorded interview will air a couple of days before Halloween. Ill post the link to the interview once it is available.

Our Pearl S. Buck International Cause

Bruce gave me the opportunity to plug Ester and my new charity pursuit to sponsor children through Pearl S. Buck International. If your interested in donating to our cause, please visit our website at and hit the donate button.

Ester has really championed this cause so much that she has me excited about it. Ester set up a presentation at our school for November 14th. Our black belt candidates as part of their Black Belt requirements will work on setting up charity functions for the cause.

This phone interview made me realize that we need take our Pearl S. Buck cause from a local level to a state and national level. Instead of thinking on the scale of $1,000 of donations, we should be thinking at the level of $5,000, $10,000 etc

One last note: Yesterday, I got asked to perform a webinar. More to come on that later

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