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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pearl S. Buck Charity and Creating Abundance for yourself

We kicked off our Pearl S. Buck Sponsor a Child Program. Christopher Grasso from Pearl S. Buck International spoke to our students about the children they sponsor in Asian countries and their lifestyle.

To demonstrate the effect that one dollar per day can have on these childrens lives, he took a dollar bill and ripped it into four parts. Each part represents the four basic needs that one dollar provides Food, Education, Medical Care, and Social Needs. Its amazing how kids start paying attention when someone starts ripping a dollar bill. Some of the children told me afterwards that they thought he was crazy for ripping the dollar bill.

As part of our fundraiser, Ester and I decided to donate $25 per new enrollment. Giving to charity brings up an important question.

Why do most wealth-building experts agree that giving part of your earnings to charity actually creates wealth?

From David Bach, the Automatic Millionaire, to T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, to Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup profess the value of tithing. I noticed the same effect in Ester and my life. Every time we donate, whether it was to the Alabama project or giving stuff to the Womans Place, afterwards, we experienced a windfall of good fortune.

So whats the secret? Is it Karma maybe, but I think the answer lies in a change of mindset. Donating your time and/ or money puts you in an abundance mindset. Yes, thats the key. Nothing will assist you more than maintaining that abundance mindset than giving.

It makes sense. Think about it. The reason people do not give is that they feel they cant afford it. This thinking is a scarcity mindset. Truthfully, our school goal means that if everyone in our school donates $1 and convinces one other person to give $1, we meet our goal. I dont know many people that cant afford $1 and if anyone does feel this way, I believe that this scarcity mindset is hurting them more than you can believe.

Create an abundance mindset for yourself today and donate to a good cause. If not money, donate your time and start the abundance process for yourself today.

Click Here to donate and stimulate your abdundance mindset today.

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