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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Thank You to My Readers

I was reviewing some site statistics today and noticed that my site reached a landmark of 500 unique visitors in the last month.

Thank you for reading! This number has exceeded all of my expectations.

I originally started this blog as a place for me to fulfill my Ultimate Black Belt Test requirements of profiling 10 Living Heroes. I wanted to display them publicly so I created this blog. I posted the blog on May 1, 2007. Click here to read it.

The blog lay dormant until July 13, 2007 when I decided to post some of my best UBBT blog posts.

As my school grows, I continue to receive questions about teaching and philosophy. In September, I decided to place articles answering these questions – sort of a FAQ’s.

Suddenly, I realized that my readership was expanding beyond my karate school. Currently, this site receives over 500 unique visitors and double-digit number of subscribers (to subscribe go here).

Because of you, I am expanding the scope of this blog to post more often. I am considering changing the web address in the near future to the Sensei Talks theme instead of the I hope the change will have a minimum impact on the readers.

Thanks again everyone!

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