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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Best of Meditation List

Meditation is all about mindfulness – about releasing all thoughts and coming into the present moment. I meditate everyday… some days, it’s a few moments, other days it’s for 15 to 30 minutes.

I increasingly enjoy my meditation and after over 3 years, I have collected a list of some of my favorite meditation. Oh yes, I bet you did not realize there is different types of meditation.

My Best of Meditation List

  1. Counting Breaths – This entails counting to 6 during the inhale and count to 12 for the exhale. You can experiment with the number that works best for you
  2. Mantras – This is a phrase that you repeat in coordination with the inhale and exhale. I like this meditation when I want to achieve a desired effect. For example, I am energetic or I am relaxed.
  3. White Light – I visualize breathing in white light and breathing out black smoke. The advanced version is too let the white light expand until you visualize yourself glowing and the field of white light expanding out. This meditation is one of my favorite because I finish feeling awesome. It is more difficult, because of the level of concentration it requires. Side Note: If you know someone sick or in need, I imagine the white light extending to them.
  4. Counting Steps – When you walk, you inhale as you count 5 steps then you exhale as you count 5 more steps. I find this one very effective.
  5. Body Relaxation- Starting at your feet, breathe in and tighten all of the muscles in your feet. Then, breathe out and relax every muscle in your feet. Repeat with every muscle group from your calves, thighs, etc. all the way to your head.

The most important part about meditation is allowing yourself at least a few moment per day. Believe me you are worth it!

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