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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Climbing and Conquering Perceived Limits

This weekend, we had our Master Club Event of Indoor Rock Climbing. Wow! I am sore from the event – especially my forearms - they look like Popeye’s forearms. I enjoyed going out with my Master Club students and trying out rock climbing. Everyone left with smiles on their face.

Why rock climbing?
The rock climbing was a fun way to learn about conquering fears and pushing beyond your perceive limits. I saw some students struggling to make it to the top and all the onlookers and parents cheering them on and support them even when they wanted to give up. It was an awesome sight!

I found that the climbs really made me dig down deep. One of my climbs was very difficult because it had a little angle outwards. It took determination and perseverance to push yourself to that next hand or foothold. I was stuck at one point and it took me a few climbs to make it to the next level. That’s what achievement is all about. Pushing yourself to new heights.

So how can you achieve or reach higher limits? Rock climbing made me concentrate on a goal and tried to achieve one step little higher. On the hard climbs, I found myself really concentrating on just figuring out how to get to that next foothold or handhold – collapsing my whole world into that one precious moment. Most times, I only got just one handhold or foothold higher – one step closer towards reaching the peak.

The notable climbers from Saturday's Master Club Event were my brother, Steve. He fearlessly tackled some of the most difficult climbs – making it around a barrel where you are suspended upside down. Also, Kim, one of our youth students, did an excellent job of climbing one of the hardest climbs and making it up to the top. I thought that was very cool.

My whole body aches but it was worth it. I am very thankful for the time that we had together. I enjoyed watching some of the kids conquer fears, and sharing time with the parents – cheering, sweating, and smiling as we conquered old limits and created new heights.

As for me, I might need to visit again so that I can completely conquer that corner section that I was working on…

For any student’s interest in our Master Club, please inquire with Sensei Tim and join the fun!

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