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Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Reading Round-up – Parent Night Out Edition

Well, tonight at our school, we have a parent’s night out so that our students can enjoy some fun while their parents can go out for a belated Valentine's Day dinner. Today, I'll be preparing for the event as we have over 20 kids and friends signed up.

This week, I have some interesting reading for you.
  • Write to done wrote an article on 12 Essential Blog Writing Tips, great reading for all of you aspiring writers out there.
  • The second link is to something called This is an awesome service that transcribes what you say on your phone into an e-mail or a text that you can send to yourself or others. I have been abusing and overusing this service all week.
  • I've always been intrigued by solar power technology. Check out this link about a new type of more efficient solar panel. It actually has little follicles of hair (silicon nanowire), that collects the sun rays with a 20% conversion rate. This is unheard of with standard solar panels.
  • Here's some quick tip for grocery shopping from Unclutterer.
  • Blogging away Debt provides a link to download Suze Orman's full book Woman and Money. Click here to get your copy.
  • Freelance Switch asks, “How much your time is worth?” I am always interested in this subject because that those people overestimate how much they actually make after accounting for all the driving time and the additional expenses that go along with a job. Go here to read the article.
There you have it my Friday reading roundup. I hope everybody enjoys their weekend.

Stay tuned in because next week, I have a special announcement of a new exciting project that I am beginning. I don’t want to give up the surprise!

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