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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life's more than fair - for you

“Life’s not fair. That’s the way it is. Get over it.” I stood shocked with wide-eyed amazement at this slogan on the wall. Because… This slogan was on my competitor’s dojo wall. Ester and I were in the next town over grocery shopping and I always like to peek in at other dojo’s to get design ideas for our school.

I believe “Life is more than fair” to people who take initiative and maintain a great attitude. Would you rather be in the “more than fair” group or the “not fair” group?

10 Ways to a More Than Fair Life

1) Take responsibility – Saying life’s not fair in denying responsibility for your life.
2) Don’t sweat the small stuff – Life’s too short to let every small thing get to you. By focusing on it – we magnify it – igniting it into a fire. Just roll with the punches.
3) Eat a meal with family or friends – Research shows that there is a direct correlation between happiness and number of meals eaten with friends and family.
4) Be Friendly – A quick smile or lighthearted “hello” can make the difference between people wanting to help you or ruin you.
5) Volunteer – Volunteering will get you involved in a great cause and network you with like minded individuals.
6) Do something kind – Random Act of Kindness gives you and the receiving party a different outlook on life.
7) Be Frugal – Nothing will have you feeling life is not fair more than money problems. Defend yourself by keeping your wallet firmly in your pocket. Need a reminder? Check here.
8) Commit to enjoying yourself – Even work is fun when you’re around light-hearted people.
9) Belly Laugh for no reason – Need some help. Watch this.
10) Listen to upbeat music
11) Watch a Sunset – I read a statistic that the average person only watches about 8 sunsets in a lifetime. It’s a truly beautiful experience.
12) Meditate in the woods – Meditation is great, but meditating in the woods is magnificent.

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