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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Special Announcement: My Monthly Do-Without Challenge

I have a special announcement today. Starting in March, I will begin a Do-Without Challenge. Each month, I will pick one thing to Do-Without for that month. Every Tuesday, I will write about what it is like to Do-Without that item.

Recently, I was looking around at the conveniences that I have - cell phones, coffee, TV, cars, junk foods, etc. I gave careful consideration to the kind of life that we live and started to think, “Is this all necessary?” “Is this stuff really making me happier and healthier?” I decided to put it to the test by doing without something for a month.

Now understand, I’ve been described as a Spartan because I hate clutter and enjoy a Zen-like simplicity. This challenge is right up my alley – sort of like reclaiming old territory.

In my weekly blog updates, I plan to be very honest about what it's like to Do-Without certain things. How I feel about it? After a month, do I have a desire to go back? Is it something that I continue to giving up for the future? Is there any advantage of Doing-Without? Is there any disadvantage of Doing-Without?

Do you want to join me? Great! In the comments, post what your Do-Without challenge is for March. Every week when in write my update for Tuesday, post a comment with an update on your challenge. I want some ideas from my readers for my Do-Without challenge. Yes, that’s you! I dare you … do your very worst and leave me a comment of your Do-Without ideas.

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