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Monday, February 11, 2008

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner - Positive Self-Awareness

This post is the second installment on the Ten Qualities of a Total Winner based on Dr. Denis Waitley's book, The Psychology of Winning. Today's lesson is on Positive Self-Awareness.

Winner's Quality #1: Positive Self-Awareness

A Winner knows who they are, what they believe in, and where they are going. They are more aware, which means they are eager to learn, adaptable, honest, and understand their limits. Although a winner understands their current limits, they also know that they have almost unlimited potential and constantly strive toward it.

Through positive self-awareness, winners become open-minded and adaptable. They learn how to relax and play it cool even in the toughest situations - developing mental toughness.

Their mental toughness enables them to show empathy for others. In other word, they learn what it's like to walk in another person's shoes.

Class activity:
Using a set of re-breakable boards (I hate to waste wood so I use the plastic re-breakable boards), have the students start with the easiest and work their way up to the hardest they are able to break.


Using one of the targets, have the students kick into the pad. Start low and gradually, raise the target higher with each turn. See what is the highest each student can jump front kick into the pad. Make sure you reinforce good technique when they perform the kicks.

After finishing, tell the students that this is their current limit and that the goal is to work towards increasing this limit the next time.

Ask "What are ways to increase your limits for the next time?"

Make a list of 10 "I am good at" and 10 "I need improvement in." Relish and dwell on my best assets. Pick 3 from the needs improvement in list and work on them.

Try seeing life through someone else's eyes. Parents? Friends? Grandparents? Teachers?

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