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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner - Positive Self-esteem

This week is our third installment on Ten Qualities of a Total Winner, based on Dr. Denis Waitley book, The Psychology of Winning. The second quality of a total winner is positive self-esteem.

Winner's Quality #2: Positive Self-esteem

Positive self-esteem is the deep down feeling inside that you are worth something. Winner think to themselves “I like myself.” This is a Winner’s positive self-talk which is the key to positive self-esteem.

Positive self-esteem is about what you're saying to yourself when no one else is around. Do you say positive thing about to yourself? That you're a good person. That you have good qualities, etc. A Winner controls their self-talk and says good things about themselves.

Winners develop a strong belief of self worth and self-confidence. They believe that life is a self-development program - focusing on successes and seeing failures as learning experiences. Instead of looking for greener grass, they find pleasure and enjoyment in their current position. They accept all responsibility for the outcome - never seeking to blame other people.

Winners are aware of their potential. They realize that their potential is almost limitless. They accept their own uniqueness - not trying to copy or to be somebody else. Winners are able to give and receive compliments. When somebody compliments them, they take it graciously and are thankful.

Classroom Activity for Positive Self-esteem

Walk of confidence
Teach your student how to walk in a confident matter. You want them to keep their back straight, to walk naturally, and to keep their head up with their eyes looking straight ahead. Have them walk from one end of the room to the other end in a confident manner

Giving Compliments

Winners believe in themselves and are confident enough that they can give others complements. Losers lack confidence and are unable to complement others. In order to reinforce this idea, have students line up in a single file line. The first student performs a technique or combination into a pad. As they run to the end of the line, everyone slaps them high five and says “good job”.


Take inventory for your good reasons for self-esteem. Write down what your “BAG” is. Blessing – things you’re thankful for. Accomplishments – what you have done that you are proud of. Goals – what your dreams and ambitions are. Write down two from each category.

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