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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do-Without Challenge Update: Living without Coffee

Well, the month is coming to a close. By next week, I will be on to my next challenge of a month without sweets. This week, going without coffee was easy. I don’t have cravings and I am almost in the habit of not drinking it.

Strange how, we convince ourselves that we need coffee to wake up in the morning. Maybe, it’s the massive daily marketing we see – you know “Good to the last drop”, “America runs on Dunkin”. Let me tell you that it’s not true. I have not noticed all drop in my energy level, in fact, I’ve seen the opposite is true.

Next month’s challenge…
To go a whole month without sweets – No candy, No cookies, No cake, No ice cream, etc. I believe this will be a real challenge. I am a little worried that I’ll have trouble succeeding with this one but I am going into it like a warrior. For this challenge, I will allow sweetener substitutes so that I can sweeten my morning oatmeal. Is that cheating? Let me know what you think below.

What is your Do-Without Challenge this month?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sensei,
Respectfully, I would vote... definately cheating. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to cause cancer in animals. Honey, however, will do the job nicely.

Your student from afar.

Tim Rosanelli said...

Dear anonymous,
I think I agree. If I allow artificial sweeteners, what is to stop me from buying sugar free cookies, cakes, and candy. That kind of defeats the purpose. Don't think agree? Okay, so there you have it. No artificial sweeteners allowed!

Thanks for commenting,