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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do-Without Challenge Update – No Coffee

After three weeks without coffee, I realize that I don't need it. What do I mean that I don't need it? Well, I had the personal belief that I needed to drink coffee for energy and to wake up in the morning. I found that this is completely wrong.

Coffee was my crutch that silently crippled me every day. I thought it gave me energy when in fact I drank so much that it dehydrated me - causing fatigue, afternoon headaches, and muscle aches. This sounds pretty severe but remember, I was drink at least a full pot of coffee per day. Sometimes on weekends, Ester would get one cup of coffee and I'd drink the rest of the pot before she got her second one. I actually started working out in the morning and found that gives me more energy than coffee ever did.

It has me wondering how many crutches do I have that I am not aware of. I am sure there are many more. I plan on discovering them and weeding them out of my life.

As for coffee, I want to continue living without it or limit it to one cup per day. The problem with limiting it is that I think that I may return to my old habits.

Next Month...
My new challenge for next month will be to give up sweets for April. I have a sweet tooth so this one may be difficult. We'll see...

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