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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The All New Square Foot Gardening

Growing up, my family always had a garden. We had everything from tomatoes to asparagus, grapes to pears. I’ve always dream of my own garden. Unfortunately, Ester and I live in a townhouse community that would not allow gardens. Now that we moved to a single family home, we can start the dream of a vegetable garden. I wanted to start a garden because I thought that growing vegetables would aid my nutritional plan.

I still had two problems. First, we do not have a huge backyard and second, I did not want it to be to time consuming (I want to continue writing instead of weeding). Well, I did not think it was possible until I read The All New Square Foot Gardening.

Square Foot Gardening (AKA SFG) is gardening in a 4’ X 4’ box with a grid on top dividing the box into 1’ squares. This intense gardening method produces the same amount of produce in 20 percent the space. That means 20 percent less space to weed and water. The method does not require any chemicals (for weeds or pests) or fertilizer so the vegetables are totally organic.

Ester and I purchased two of white vinyl boxes but you can easily make one with wood. I am making one for our son with scrap wood found in a dumpster at the worksite of our development. Today, I am getting the slats for the grid from a cabinet making business that puts free bins outside of them.

Once we build our boxes, I will take picture and post them for you.

I am going to ask my landlord if we can start some boxes outside our dojo. Maybe, I bribe him with vegetables. We can let each student plant one square and take care of it. Every class they attend, they can water and weed their plot. I think it will be a tremendous motivator to come to class because who would want their plants to die for lack of attendance.

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Anonymous said...

Sensei, congrats to both of you for moving into your new single family. Would be good to see you next time I am back down in the area for training. I enjoy your in the city, I may have need to use the square foot garden myself. Give my regards to Ester.

Your student from afar,


Tim Rosanelli said...

Hi Kevin,
Great to hear from you.

I just heard that you got married. Congrats!

When you're in town, give us a buzz. We'd love to see you.

The SGF book talks about rooftop gardens which are perfect for the city.

Sensei Tim