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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner - Positive Self-Motivation

This week, we are talking about the fourth quality, based on Dr. Denis Waitley book, The Psychology of Winning. The quality of a total winner is Positive Self-Motivation.

Positive Self-Motivation

Winners dwell on their desires, not their limitations. Motivation is the force that sets us into action. While fear and desire are the greatest motivators, fear is destructive while desire leads us on the path to achievement and success.

Winners focus on success by thinking about goals, desires, and solutions while actively tune out fears of failure. While losers say "I can't because..." Winners say "I want to"... and "I can".
  • Were you ever afraid to do something only to find it wasn't so bad?
  • What are you list of five achievements that you desire?
Class Activity
Pick a challenging combination or technique. Start slow - breaking down the combination or technique into parts. As you pick up the speed, tell the student to focus on their desire to succeed and cast away fears of failure.

Tell the students that it's alright to make a mistake, but they can not start with those thoughts.

  • Replace the word “can't” with “can” and the word "try" with "will".
  • Paint a picture in your mind with what achievement looks and feels like.
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