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Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekly Links: Waiting for the Installation and Repairman

I am sitting here today waiting for Vanguard Garage Doors to arrive. They are installing garage door openers this morning then it’s off to the dojo to wait for the electrician to repair a overhead light that stopped working.

While I am waiting, here’s some links for you.
  • I wrote a blog about the Fly Lady and organizing your home and work space. I dug more into the website and I love the concepts presented. You need to go here and check it out.
  • March 29 at 8pm is Earth Hour. What is Earth Hour? It’s one hour when everyone turns out their lights to save energy and help the environment. Go to Below is a video showing highlights from last year’s event. Very Cool!

  • In line with my simple living goals, I am starting a garden, but instead of the old fashion aisle-style garden that my parents did, I found a more modern version called Square Foot Gardening. I am reading Mel Bartholomew book All New Square Foot Gardening and we have the materials to set up two 4’ X 4’ Beds. I wish that I had room at our dojo because I would love to create a square foot garden and let the students tend to it as a project. Unfortunately, our school is in a shopping center with all pavement and concrete. Hmm, maybe we could do patio boxes. I’ll need to consider it for next year but maybe your school would like to try! I will keep you up to date on my square foot garden in future blogs.
I have to run the Garage Doors installation guy is here.

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