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Friday, April 11, 2008

About Me

Hi, I am Tim Rosanelli, but my students call me Sensei - meaning instructor in Japanese. My wife, Ester, and I own and operate Maximum Impact Karate located in Dublin, Pennsylvania.

As a karate Sensei, I receive many questions about parenting and teaching. People also seem to have an unbearable curiosity about my personal life and how I live and think on a day to day basis. I create this blog to write about the parenting, teaching questions I receive (sort of a FAQ), and to convey my thoughts and philosophies while quenching that curiosity by giving you a little insight into my personal life and the way I live.

When I started my blog back in May of 2007, it was due to my participation in the Ultimate Black Belt Test, which required me to write about my 10 living heroes. Since then, my blog has grown into many other areas.

Who am I?
I am a husband, a father, a student, a martial arts instructor, a mentor, a coach, and a business owner. The Everyday Sensei blog is my personal evolution in all of these areas.

My personal evolution is about personal development, simplicity, and mastery.

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