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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do Without Challenge – No Sweets Update

I am going on my third week for my Do-without Challenge of no sweet. It has actually been a lot easier this week than it was the prior week. I am more in the rhythm of resisting all the sweet temptations that come my way.

I can feel the difference of eating better, this week. Typically in the afternoon, I felt really tired. You know the feeling - almost like I need to take a nap. In fact many times, I would doze off. Without sweets, I feel more energized throughout afternoon and continue to work at high energy level. I think it has been really positive experience.

Next month's challenge
For May, I will spend at least one hour outside. As the years roll by, the amount of time I spend outside constantly decreases. I noticed that in the last few years, the spring brings me some allergy symptoms that I never suffered from before. I was reading that too much time inside may cause this suddenly onset of allergies. In May, I am going to put this theory to the test.

When I was a kid, I would spend most of my days outside (if not in school) and never suffered allergies. So maybe this theory stands true.

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