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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do Without Challenge – No Sweets Update

I'm on the last week of my April challenge of no sweets and everything is going terrific. Ester is having a lot of fun trying to test me. This weekend, she made a huge cake and a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie which she knows I like. She taunted me in an attempt to get me to eat some (even promised not to tell anyone including you readers), but I successfully warded her off and said no. I'll tell you what, when the 1st of May rolls around I might dig into some.

I'm chalking this challenge up as a success. It made me realize that it's really not that hard. If you focus your thoughts on eating better, it's easy.

The important part is how you perceive your eating. I found that at first when I wanted to get rid of the sweets, I had the perception that I was suffering - you know, that I was missing out on the good stuff of life. With these negative thoughts of self-sacrifice, giving up the sweets became next to impossible. Then, I change around my thinking to say hey, I'm eating nutritious and delicious food. What's better than that! Now, the sweets didn't feel so tempting.

Next month, I'm gonna spend at least an hour outside everyday. They say this is good for loosing allergies and I think it will also help my mental outlook a little bit by pouring some fresh air and sunlight into my body. I plan to work in the garden, reading, meditation, and practice some forms with my hour of time. Maybe, just watch the flowers grown.

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