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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Journaling paints a picture...

Journaling paints a picture unto our future canvas. The more you write the more that picture comes to fruition. As of right now, I draw the words of my future onto the page.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"
-Albert Einstein

Perception is reality so it stands to reason that the emotions, ideas, and feelings invoked through writing starts to form your reality. Journaling is a picture of your life.

So ask yourself. What picture am I creating for my future?

As I see it, we have three choice.

1. No writing - no future. You're floating with wherever the tide takes you whether it's good or bad. Most likely, it's somewhere between - a life of mediocrity.

2. Negative words of despair, self doubt, fear, agony. As you wish, you get. Your perception becomes your reality as one negative event follows the next. At least, you'll have more things to write about.

3. Positive word - Words of inspiration, hope, dignity, productivity and optimism. These word paint a Utopian image for the future for yourself and your family.

Remember, written words imbue a magic onto the page that are constantly casting spells onto our lives. So, sharpen your pencil and start writing your future today.

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