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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do Without Challenge – No Sweets Update

So I'm on to my second week of my Do-Without Challenge of living without sweets for April. I noticed that giving up sweets is more difficult than giving up coffee because sweets are always around - the temptation is staring you in the face.

For example, we had a karate birthday party this weekend. I was offered a piece of the birthday child's cake and I almost accepted because I would normally automatically say yes. It takes a lot higher level of conscientiousness to avoid all the sweets we are constantly bombarded with. In my month without coffee, it was just one item to avoid... While not having sweets encompasses so many things - it seems like it's all around you. It doesn't surprise me the weight issues that Americans have because sweets are just so available.

I had a little problem with the idea of going without sweet. It felt sort of like self deprivation. So I had to reorient my mind set for the month to think of it more as eating healthy or eating food consistent with a healthy diet. Otherwise, I think the thoughts of sweets would drive me crazy.

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