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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner - Positive Self-Expectancy

The fifth quality from Dr. Denis Waitley book, The Psychology of Winning is Positive Self-Expectancy.

Positive Self-Expectancy

Winners expect good results. They display the overall attitude of positive optimism and enthusiasm. Winner understand that life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, that we get what we expect.

Loser's chalk up failures to "bad luck". Winners know that "bad luck" is attracted by negative thinking. Instead, winners create "good luck" through optimism. They make optimism a habit.
  • What situation turned out better because of your optimism?
  • Did you every have a problem that was a hidden opportunity?
Class Activity
Have the students partner up and hold pads for each other. Tell the pad holder to be a good finder and find things good about the partner's technique.

  • Use positive self-talk all day - "It's another great day for me!"
  • Look at problems as opportunities
  • Be a good finder in others

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