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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner - Positive Self-Image

Today, we're talking about the six quality of Positive Self-Image from Dr. Denis Waitley book, The Psychology of Winning.

Positive Self-Image

Winners are aware of the tremendous importance of self-image. What you see is what you get. Winners know that if your self image can not possibly see yourself doing or achieving something then you can do it!

A Winner's self-talk is "I see myself changing, growing, achieving, winning". They understand the vast powers of imagination. They see themselves achieving and act according to their new vision or self image of themselves.
  • What are 10 personal victories that you will achieve in the next year?
  • What do you see yourself doing or achieving in five, ten, and twenty years
While you relax, visualize your own imagined triumphs. See the triumph in every detail. For example, imagine achieving our black belt. See yourself walking up to the receive the belt. What does it feel like? How have you changed since starting as a white belt? Open your eyes. Now, do everything in line with that image. How would you dress? How would you walk and talk?

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