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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Black Belt Success Cycle

Know what you want
Have a plan and a success coach
Take consistent action
Review your progress and renew your goals

This mantra, you hear many nights, echoing through our karate school, as the student’s act out each section with pre-described hand motion.

What does it all mean?
Well, Hidden within these simple words is the process of achieving any goal.

Know what you want
The action of creating clearly defined, written goals is the springboard that starts the cycle. Most people wander aimlessly through life waiting for success to happen. This is like attempting to find a destination without a map.

Have a plan
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is an old adage that is true. We need to plan in detail every step towards our success. Creating a plan is like mapping the exact roads to your final destination. In the Martial Arts, our students learn to set smaller short-term goals to achieve the next belt on the way to achieving the larger goal of black belt.

A success coach
A success coach is anyone who can help us achieve our goals. In karate, we call the karate instructor, Sensei. The Japanese characters for Sensei literally mean “One who walked before”. In other word, a success coach is someone who has already acquired the knowledge and the results we wish to achieve.

Take consistent action
Setting a goal and creating a plan is the keystone of achievement, but the rubber hits the road by taking action towards our goals. In each class, our students are taking action towards their goal of black belt.

Review your progress
Occasionally, we need review our progress towards our goals to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. Once you start on the course towards achievement, we all hit bumps in the road. A Black Belt views problems as opportunities and knows that the course may need adjustments from time to time. They also understand that persistence is the key to their success.

Renew your goals
Once we achieve our goal, the next step is to instantly renew your goals in other words, to start again. Once you achieve a new belt (your original goal) for example, to achieve a green belt, your new goal will be the next belt - blue belt. Many times, we reach a major goal and realize that we are capable of new and great things. It’s akin to climbing to the top of the mountain and seeing a new peak we want to climb.

Anthony Robbins, a well-known writer and achievement expert, says, “If we’re not climbing, we’re sliding.” This means that we must be constantly achieving and growing to feel truly fulfilled in life.

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