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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Changing the Conversation with Myself

At the graduation for my Ultimate Black Belt Test, Master McNeil said that he saw a huge transformation in me. The transformation was not physical. I was already in great shape. I did implement many of the UBBT strategies for community development and project based leadership, but this was not my big transformation. My big transformation was that I changed the conversation with myself – my inner dialogue.


Well, the UBBT put me in contact with some of the greats in the Martial Arts – like Tom Callos, Master Dave McNeil, Dave Kovar, Bill Kipp, David Meyer, Chris Natzke, etc. One thing I noticed is that all of extraordinary people I meet had one thing in common – you feel their presence in the room.

Most of my meditation during my Ultimate Black Belt Test focused on developing this same presence. I believe that anyone who met me in the Eco Challenge in Hawaii and then saw me in Alabama the next spring most likely felt the difference. The area where most people felt it was through my journaling. Journaling and writing became my preferred outlet.

So what changed? I changed the conversation with myself. My inner dialogue changed tremendously. I learned to be keenly self-aware of my emotions and feeling. I started redirecting any negative dialogue and act on the negative dialogue in a positive way. For example, if I was concerned about my schools enrollment, I would market my school like a fiend. If I hit a bump in the road, I would reframe the bad situation in find the good in it. If I worried, I would challenge the worried thoughts and let them go.

Because of the changes in my inner dialogue, I find myself living in the now more and maintain a relaxed focus during the day. After the transformation, the surprising thing is every thing else seems to fall in place. The transformation left me with a new sense of brewing self-confidence that people felt.

Do you want to change your life? Focus on the inner dialogue and the rest will follow.

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