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Thursday, May 15, 2008

It’s all what you put into it

In college, I realized that whether you go to a state school or an Ivy League school like Harvard that our college education is all about what you put into it. In other words, you could receive a better education at a state school, if you put enough individual effort into it then someone going to Harvard.

Did you spend time in the library exploring areas of your major above and beyond your course work or did you only study the required materials for the class? Did you get a job on campus as a student tutor, teacher’s assistant, or lab assistant (for paid mentoring from a professor) or did you work at an unrelated job? Did you join one of the Honorary Fraternities or one of the Animal House style Frat? Did you spend time talking to your professors during their office hours or did you race out of the class as fast as you could?

Now, think about your training.

The professor, teacher, and Sensei cannot force you to learn and grow. They can merely provide a terrific learning environment. You need to Put-In the effort.

If you look at the difference between the top 1% performers in the bell curve and the average performers the difference is so slight. In school, it’s a matter of answering a few questions right on the test. In track and field, the difference between 1st and 2nd place may be only a fraction of a second. In business, the top performer may only be doing one or two things different from the average performer.

The good news here is that YOU (myself included) are only one small step from becoming a top performer. In your training, it could be one more training per week. In your education, it may be learning one more thing. In your relationship, it may be one act of thoughtfulness. In your business or job, it may be performing one high priority task that’s holding you back.

Whenever I am not achieving the results that I want, instead of looking for someone to point the finger at, I look squarely in the mirror and remember myself that it’s all what I put into my life that causes the results, good or bad.

What’s that one thing holding you back?

Are you avoiding any high priority tasks?

How much are you putting into your training?

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