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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Method IS The Message

In direct response marketing, experts always talk about the headline, the message, and the offer. The message dictates why someone needs or wants your service. I find that in most services, you find that the message is outlandish claims and maybe a few great testimonials (I always wonder if the best testimonials would have received the results anyway).

With all of these outlandish claims, I wanted to discover how our school could be different and unique from our competitors in delivering our message. Well, I believe…


What does this mean? How we living, think, and eating – The method - becomes our message. I am talking about personal branding here. Living in a small community (~2500 people), I understand that almost everyone knows who I am. People call me the “karate guy” or if they know more about karate, “Sensei”.

I could create any slick piece of marketing but everyone knows me. So if I didn’t living the Martial arts way, people would realize that my message is garbage pretty quickly. Blogging is my way of being transparent and accountable. By journaling, you are building your personal brand.

What is my personal branding?
I stand for frugality, the environment, and simple living. I also strive constantly for personal excellence in everything I do. I maintain a healthful diet and a high level of physical fitness. I found the karate was my best vehicle for living my message.

Everyone who walks in our dojo will in someway experience my personal branding because it’s unavoidable. I built all of the schools systems so they naturally reflect my attitudes towards life.

Even if you're not a business owner, personal branding is a power tool for creating that new you. With your defined new self-image, you can act on your message and defined methods to inspire results.

Okay now it's your turn.

What is your personal branding (what are you all about)?

What is your method for delivering your message?

Is your journaling in-line with this message (if you're not journaling, start today)?

What systems can you put in place to deliver your message?

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Maximum Impact Karate
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