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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Weight Loss Challenge begins… Don’t be like me friend Mike.

Master Dave invited me to work as an advisor on the UBBT weight loss challenge. Thanks you, Master Dave for the offer. I accept and will to join the adventure too.

Although I am not likely to lose any weight, I am currently 172lbs with 17% body fat. I took a picture of myself this morning and said, “This isn’t the guy I see in the mirror every morning”. It’s interesting how we can look in the mirror and still see that body we had in our mid-twenties – yes, we’re all a little delusional. The camera is not so kind.

Maybe not all pounds are equal. A few years ago, I did the Body for Life challenge – diet and workout. I was 172lbs with 12% body fat and I remember seeing more muscle on my body back then, than I see this morning.

Okay, that picture unveiled my delusion. I will commit to the body for life workout starting Monday.

Check out the Body for Life website.

Click here to download a Body for Life excel sheet to plan your workout and diet.

NOTE OF CAUTION – The first week is one of the easiest weeks to injury yourself. I know, I know, we’re all excited to get started and see results. Remember, you want to be in it for the long haul so lifting very light for the first week.

My friend, Mike McLatchy, (Mike, if you're doing a vanity search, e-mail me!) once join me at the gym many years ago. We worked legs. I begged him to lift less weight – I swear it was literally begging. He wouldn’t listen – his ego took over and he tried to keep pace with me. Afterwards, Mike could hardly walk for two weeks and he never joined me in the gym again.

Don’t let your ego get you like Mike. Wait for the second week to hit the weights hard. You would start a Martial Arts class without a warm-up, would you? Well, think of this week as the warm-up.

Be patient with the results. In the body for life challenge, it usually takes 7-8 weeks to see the physical results. After that, it’s a landslide of results. Most people quit in weeks 4 through 6. Imagine, they quit right before they start seeing the results.

Any readers like to join us? Place a comment below, we would like to hear from you.

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