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Friday, May 9, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge – Day 8 weight in

Well, today is the weight in for the weight loss challenge. I started the week, Monday, at 174lb. @ 19% body fat. Today, my scale said 174lbs. @ 18% body fat. Good, so far. I’m taking my picture today to record my progress.

I can really feel that old sinew muscle coming back. That’s another way of saying that I was so sore from my lower body workout on Wednesday, I moaned getting out of bed this morning.

I know, I know. I told everyone to take it easy this week, but I started lifting lightly again two months ago to build a good foundation and planned to hit the weights hard in May. This challenge came just at the right time.

I am eating like a champion. In the next few days, I will publish the recipes that I been eating. I hope no one minds all of the recipes but cooking my own meals is one of my 2008 goals. How am I doing?

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