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Friday, June 6, 2008

Summertime SAFETY Tips for Kids

Summertime is quickly arriving, which means that your kids will be home. Now is the time to talk to your child about Summertime Safety.

Here’s some tips for a Safe and Fun Summer

1. Know Your Numbers – Memorize your full address, phone number, and your parent’s work and cell phone numbers. Know when and how to dial 911.

2. Get Permission – Before you go anywhere, get your parent’s permission first and then let them know which route you are taking

3. Go With Friends – When you go places this summer, travel with friends when possible. You’ll have a good time, and can look out for each other.

4. Never Talk to Strangers – Never talk to strangers. Don’t accept rides or gifts from them. If a stranger asks you a question, don’t talk to them. Run away

5. Stay on Guard – Stand with confidence and be aware of your surroundings. If you see anyone doing something that makes you uneasy, tell your parents or a trusted adult.

6. Stay Safe on the Internet – People on the web may not be who they say they are. Never give out your name, address, or any other personal information.

7. Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Home Alone – When you’re by yourself, keep the doors locked. If someone calls on the phone, or comes to the door, don’t let them know that you’re home alone.

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