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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Training for the Marketing Olympics

I talked in a previous post that summertime is when I do lots of marketing for our dojo. My goal this year is to improve the quality and quantity of my marketing materials. Of course, I can’t help myself and combine marketing and daily exercise together.

This week, I started my summer door hanger flyer runs. I treat these flyer runs like I am training for the Olympics. I ride my bike to the local areas. Instead of walking from door to door, I jog the route. It’s a great cross training workout because you are not only running but the course involves uneven surfaces, hills, quick turns, and steps, then riding your bike to the next area.

I am feeling the burn today. It’s like that new Parkour workout, which started in France and is kind of like a French Urban Ninja workout. Parkour uses the environment and natural obstacles as a workout. For more information, check out the Wikipedia definition at

When I train, I always approach it like I am training for the Olympics. In this case, it’s the marketing Olympics.

Approach every day like it’s your Olympics.

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