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Thursday, July 31, 2008

All the coaching

I realized today that I am hitting a $1000 per month worth of personal coaching. I get coaching in almost every area of my life, Martial Arts, business, financial, curriculum development, etc. Most people would find spending this amount of money crazy, but I feel it the best money spent. I always feel more confident and happy when I am growing mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.Of course, I had to sacrifice owning many things in order to get this level of coaching.

What has coaching done for me?

I once read that people spend their money on three things: to Be something, to Do something, or to Have something. What has been dubbed the BE-DO-HAVE. In my value system, I place little value on the DO and HAVE. I drive an old used car (I’ve never owned a new car). Instead of regular vacations (the DO), my vacations are related to my personal development, charity work, or business related in improving the quality of our school.

Coaching helps firmly put you in the BE category.

I want to BE
  • The best instructor and student mentor
  • The best husband and father
  • The best school owner
  • The best community leader
  • A philanthropist
  • Just a plain ole good person
After years of coaching and constantly push myself beyond my limits, I realize the importance of everyone receiving coaching. Unfortunately, our society barges us with messages to HAVE more things or to DO more. And many people have incorporated this message into their lives and value systems.

I believe that we need to shift our thoughts and put more focus into the BE of our lives. The good news is that the Martial Arts is a perfect method of creating a foundation in the BE.

So I may never own a new car but I plan on continuing to develop myself through coaching. If someone asked me for a million dollars, would I give up all the knowledge, friendships, and experiences I learned in my 28 years in the Karate, I would say “Never”.

The benefit of all this training is that I am able to incorporate many of the ideas into our leadership training therefore giving our students the coaching without them investing extra money required to get the training! Kind of a wi-win for everyone.

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Maximum Impact Karate
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