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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Being Distant

Last week, my wife’s father passed away. Although he was in a nursing care facility, his passing came very quick. He fell out of us wheelchair and rushed to the hospital on a Monday. On returning to the nursing facility, he got a fever that put him in a coma and he passed away.

His downward spiral all happened in a matter of two weeks. Needless to say, that the situation put Ester and me under a huge level of stress. To complicate things, Ester’s brother was in Italy visiting his wife’s family and they had to cut the vacation short to return home.

Her father, John, was a funny guy. He came to America from Italy as a POW during World War II. His description of World War II was rather entertaining. He said he was in the motorcycle infantry and saw fighting in the west so he turned around and rode east. He saw fighting in the east and rode south until we caught him. His whole war story was him running away from the fighting.

Once in America, he said that being a POW was like spending time at a resort with food, parties, and entertainment. During this time, he meet Ester’s mother, Prudence and got married. As a new American citizen, they settled down in Hopewell, NJ to raise a family. I admired John’s tireless work ethic, honest, zest for life, and sense of humor.

Ester and I spent the holiday weekend attempting to relax and recharge our batteries. We spent time with our dogs, traveled to some events, and took Ester antiquing to occupy our minds.

One highlight of this weekend was going to Perkasie Community Day and getting to meet the owner of Tsunami Karate, Sensei Bruce Costa. His school is in the next town over and we’ve talked on the phone before, but this was the first time we meet face to face. I even got to see his students perform a great karate demo. Terrific Job!

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
(215) 249-3532

Sensei Talks: Tim Rosanelli

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