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Monday, July 7, 2008

Finding My Tipping Point

Well, I just finished another book called Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence. The material in this book is based on the same material as Emotional Intelligence. I felt this was a great time to evaluate and sharpen my own leadership skills.

I display many of the qualities of a pacesetting style of leadership (focused on results). This type of leadership was great for starting my school because the number of decisions required was so immense that other leadership styles would be inappropriate. Now, I am approaching a new stage of our dojo that will require other styles of leadership. I need to shift my leadership to a visionary and coaching style.

I found a great website that evaluates your emotional intelligence (EQ) for free. After the test, they ask you to take a 20 minute survey. If you complete the survey, they provide a free online course to improve your competencies. The material comes with a downloadable journal that would be great for your karate leadership program.

Click the following link to get started:

So what did I find? Well, it stated that I have a high EQ. Now to verify this I would need to have a 360 evaluation from family, friends, co-workers, etc. because many times, we lack the self-awareness to judge ourselves properly. At my former job, I did one of these 360 evaluations and found that my self-image accurately matched how my employees saw me. When you get to know me, it’s pretty apparent that I can honestly admit and joke about my faults.

I was not surprised by the areas that I feel confident in because these were the same areas that I showed strengths in on other tests. Out of the 18 competencies, my biggest strengths are in self-control, inspiration, and optimism.

In the past jobs, my managers always pushed me to improve in my weaker areas. I have a different approach this time. I am going to work on improving my strong areas until my weak areas don’t matter anymore. They call this “the tipping point” or the points that you develop your leadership skills to a level that suddenly they take hold and make a huge difference.

Over the next months, I am going to search for that Tipping Point.

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