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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Transparency - Looking through the Looking Glass

One thing about journal online is how it creates a level of transparency. In other words, you’re life becomes an open book. It’s the nature of the animal.

During my UBBT test, it was amazing meeting everyone at the events. After reading everyone’s journals, it was almost like meeting an old friend – (that you never meet before?).

This transparency is important for the process of self-development.

Why? Because transparency means that our external self (the one everyone knows in public) is congregant with our internal self (the self residing in our heads). Without this congruency, personal development becomes impossible because you can’t communication your mission or message effectively.

Journaling has become my way of communicating my message or mission. Along the way, I have learned some much. My readers have grown with me by applying leadership into our lives. My school has grown as these ideas surface within our program. I see these ideas increasing our student outcomes, dramatically. My journaling helped me strive for solutions instead of focusing on problems – writing is a great sounding board.

At one time, I hid most of my thoughts and feelings. My internal self was confident, optimistic, and positive but fearing the criticism of others, for many years, I hid this side of me. The transparency of writing has unleashed these shackles that held me back.

I want to thank all of my readers for following me on my journey.

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