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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100 Pushup Challenge – Week 6

Here’s a quick update on my 100 Pushup Challenge. Week 6 is the final week of the challenge. I started the week with an exhaustion test and performed the 60 pushups to qualify for the highest level of week 6. Theoretically, if I complete this week, I should be able to perform 100 pushups in a row. We’ll see!

One word sums up my Week 6 Day 1 pushup training… Brutal! I finished with less than stellar performance. The sets were like this...
Set 1 of 56 - Strong
Set 2 of 45 - Barely made it. My arms felt like jello.
Set 3 of 42 - Wow, a 60 seconds break is short. Okay, I needed the (Longer if required) clause.
Set 4 of 40 - You got to be kidding me!
Set 5 of 56 - What 56 again!? I needed to rest once (and not in the up position). I am talking about a five second rest on the knees - not exactly, an Olympic gold performance!

On the good side, I really am noticing a difference in my arms, shoulder, and chest. Is that the ripple of muscle I am seeing?

I am really proud of all my students that are keeping on track with me!

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