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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Make Today The Best Day of Your Life!

Yesterday, I felt a little stir crazy. For the last week now, I felt under challenged like I needed to break out of my normal rhythm and do something different.

In search of my challenge, I went to Peace Valley Park (see picture of lake). I thought, “Wow, they rent boats. It been years since I went kayaking.” (We’re talking about 10 to 15 years) Spontaneously, I decided to rent a kayak for an hour and see how far and fast I could paddle on the lake

It was a perfect day. There I was living totally in the moment and paddling as hard as I can. Half way through I stopped to rest and thought, “This is probably one of the best days of my life.”

After I was done, I said how can I make this day better. Ah ha! I’ll go to Tabora’s Farm (one of my favorite farmer’s market) and grab lunch. As I walked in, I was feeling great and started talking to some people there. When I said in line, “This is one of my greatest days!” everyone laughed and started talking about the great food.

Every notice when you display a certain energy level, that you attract people and conversation like a magnet - the whole atmosphere changes. I believe that many of the greats from history had this effect on the people and atmosphere around them.

I decided to start waking up every day and asking how can I make today the best day of my life?
  1. Challenge Yourself – An under challenged life is a boring life… not to mention wasted one. Constantly look for new challenges for you to try. Who cares if you are no good at a new activity? Laugh about your inexperience and have fun with it.
  2. Grow yourself in some way every day – Education yourself on topics of interest. Draw passion for them by attending workshops, seminars, etc. Visit your local library, grab a free book, and sit at a local outdoor cafĂ© to read it.
  3. View the world with the eye of an artist – Turn your brain off for a minute and revel in the moment - Value each moment as paramount. Stop overthinking everything and enjoy it. That’s an order!
  4. Schedule an hour of rejuvenation every day – Set aside time for yourself every day. Don’t worry! You can work on the To Do list the rest of the day but now is your time. Or better yet, look for ways to the outsource or automate choirs leaving you free for the more enjoyable things in life.
  5. Learn something new – Create a list today of new things to try. Find ways to cross these things of the list. Be creative. For example, you want to do some Yoga instead of joining a class, I went to my Comcast On Demand and did it right at home. Many times the cost for learning something new is so incredibly cheap. My hour kayak rental was $12. I took Buddhist meditation classes for a small $5 donation.
  6. Pamper yourself – Under stress? My wife likes to go for a half day at a spa to relieve stress. Guys, are you looking for a great gift for your wife? Buy a gift certificate for a half day at the spa for them. This is a gift that never gets old.
  7. Experience your day emotionally – Don’t be such a stiff. Allow yourself to give up that stoic demeanor for a little while. Yes, it’s okay to smile and laugh.
  8. Belly Laugh – Doesn’t it feel great to belly laugh? Give a big belly laugh in a room is contagious. Most people can resist laughing with you and it feels terrific.
  9. Give out a Spirit Shout – In karate, we use a shout called a kiai. Kiai means a spirit shout. Give out a nice “Whoo hoo!” or a loud “Yeah!” gets the blood flowing and makes you feel alive.
  10. Go to The Great Outdoors – I don’t know about you but put me outdoors during a great day and my mood skyrockets. I find ways everyday to get outdoors by walking my dogs, gardening, or just reading a book. To make it extra special, try changing the scenery and go somewhere besides your own home.
That’s my 10 ways to make this the best day of your life. Okay, what do I want to do today? Hmmm! Let’s see.

Tell me, what did you do today to make it the best day of your life?

Sensei Tim Rosanelli
Maximum Impact Karate
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