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Monday, August 18, 2008

Math of Self-limiting Beliefs

“I am just not good at math” my daughter commented as I helped her late last night with her Business Math college class. It’s so easy to create huge judgments about our abilities. These judgments become self limiting beliefs.

I know how she feels. You know, at her age, I would have said that “I’m just not good at writing”, but here I am regularly posting on a blog.

I lived with this belief until one day some one turn on a switch inside me to change all of that. I received some e-mails and comments that a journal post had moved them. All of the sudden, my self limiting belief faced off against an incongruent message. I thought “Wow, maybe I can do it!” I started to study effective writing methods and writing more regularly, almost daily in fact. Wham! Now, I love writing - self limiting belief destroyed.

So the question is… Are we actually not good at something or is it just our perception or belief that we aren’t good at something? I tend to believe that it’s only a belief.

Add it up the ways to conquer your self limiting beliefs
  • Try something without judgments – We are our biggest critics. Let go of the control and give yourself permission to try.
  • Get great coaches – Terrific coaches can trim the learning curve in half. You will see improvements faster which will motivate you to push further.
  • Make it happen – You won’t get anywhere by sitting around doing nothing. Your new mantra is “I make things happen”.
  • Persist – In my book, quitting equals failure. As long as I am still alive and striving, I have not failed.
  • Relax – Take a few deep breaths. We tend to build things up in our mind and make situations worst than they are. Relaxing will provide a different perspective.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself – If you fall down, Stand up, brush yourself off, and try again. Or just laugh it off.
  • Have fun! – When we’re having fun, we learn quicker and able to weather the hard times better.
Our self-limiting beliefs can really cripple us for no apparent reason. I find that these beliefs sneak attack us – gradually, taking root over time so slowly that we’re unaware of their existence. We must constantly self-monitor to identify these self-limiting beliefs and take action to challenge them.

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