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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

100 Pushup Challenge - Completion

Well, I reached my goal of 100 pushup! On Saturday, I took the final test again and did it! I don't think I could do another pushup. Pushup number 98, 99, and 100 took a Herculean effort that included positive self-talk, grunting, about 5 quick breathes, and some choice 4 letter words. :) On 100, the only motivation that worked was thinking about repeating Week 6 again.

This story ended a little different then most people would think. No, I didn’t repeat the Week 6 workout. In fact, I didn’t do another pushup. The secret to completing the challenge...


One of my students, Stan, finished the challenge a few days before me and said that he tried and got 90 pushups like me. He rested 3 days and was able to complete the challenge with 100. I did the same thing.

I guess sometimes we need to push, push, push, but for superior performance, we need to rest too.

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BM said...

Well... Congratulations on your success. Just curious... do you plan to keep doing more pushups?

BTW... one of your students (Bob Mclain) is a co-worker of mine, He is doing his 6th week of pushups.

Tim Rosanelli said...

Hi BM,
Actually, I am not planning on continue the 100 pushups program for now. I think that I am going to force, I mean challenge, everyone in our karate school to do the challenge at the beginning of next year. Kind of a New Years kick start.