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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

12 Rules to Staying in the Zone All Day

Staying at your peak mentally and physically takes commitment. For many years, I discovered specific rules or guidelines that I follow to remain in the zone. These guidelines take time to develop as habits so they require a true desire to live at your full potential.

I am by no means perfect at all these rules. In fact, I slip and stumble a lot because temptation lurks everywhere. But… I found that some of the most enjoyable and rewarding times in my life happened when I followed these rules strictly.

These 12 rules will help you achieve a state of optimal health. Believe me, these rules are simple and work.

The 12 Rules to Staying in the Zone
  1. Breath Deeply – Cultivating a habit of breathing deeply will instantly enhance your life. When I worked at a desk all day, I realized that my breathing became shallow as I tried to catch up to the endless string of e-mails. By the end of the day, I experienced fatigue and even muscle aches and tension in my back. As soon as I monitored my breathing and practiced deep breathing, these symptoms disappeared
  2. Walk Lightly – My father taught me this one. He constantly told us as children to walk quietly. Since I always walked barefoot, I learned that walking lightly was invaluable for walking outside without shoes. This habit brings your awareness to the present. Don’t look at your feet though. Try to stand tall.
  3. Calm Assertive Energy – I learned this from the Dog Whisperer. Our goal in life should be to maintain a calm assertive energy.
  4. Positive Attitude of the Mind – Remember Earl Nightingales saying, “We literally become what we think about most of the time.” By constantly maintaining a positive attitude of the mind, we begin to create the world around us to mold into our cast. Most people don’t realize it but we tend to react to situations and mold our attitude according to the attitudes of the people around us. Be like the eye of the hurricane in ever situation. When the storm is brewing around you, you must become the eye of the storm.
  5. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night – If you have trouble sleeping, use some of these other tips to help you sleep better. Oversleeping is just as bad. I set my alarm everyday even weekends to wake up after 8 hours of sleep.
  6. Eat 6 small meals/day – The object of eating is to never be full or hungry. Eat just enough food to fill your stomach but not enough that you’re full. If you are eating the right amount, you should start feeling hungry every 3 to 4 hrs.
  7. No Sugar – I spend a month without any sugars and it makes a profound difference in your mental and physical performance. I encourage you to eat natural sugars from fruits, but anything with cane sugar or artificial sugars toss out of your diet. If this appears too strict, keep your sweets intake to only one day per week.
  8. Mix Protein and Carbohydrates to every meal – For more information about portion size and mixing protein and carbs, go to the
  9. See Widely – School teaches us from an early age to have a close focused vision – for example, reading letters or looking at a computer screen. This type of focus is a modern day phenomena. In our past as hunter and gatherers, we used a wider focus. Try to look into the distance and see everything like a picture. It’s like a cameras wide angle lens. By the way, using the type of focus dramatically improves athlete performance. I have read of cases where it corrected people’s poor vision so they no longer needed glasses too.
  10. Drink Water Constantly – I read a study by the army that revealed that 80% of Americans are dehydrated. We quietly suffer the symptoms and don’t realize the cause. Drink plenty of water and stop suffering from these symptoms.
  11. Exercise Daily – 30 minutes of daily, vigorous exercise is vital for staying in the zone. I feel this is one of the most important rules.
  12. Stretching – A daily stretching routine or an activity like yoga will keep your body limber and supple. Rigidity of the body translates in rigidity of the mind. If your stuck in an office all day, check out this website for office yoga.
Well, there you have it - my 12 rules to live by to remain in the zone. The interesting thing about most of these rules is they take no extra time out of your day - you can practice them as part of your day.

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Maximum Impact Karate
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