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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Running up Pennridge High School's Championship Hill

I woke up today and decided to take a nice run on the Pennridge High School track. When I hurt my foot this summer, I gained about 10lbs from inactivity. I've been working hard to lose the extra weight - I'm half way there. Running the track would be a great way to whittle away at the goal.

When I got there, the track was closed for construction. So I had a choice to leave or to run Championship Hill.

Running Championship Hill is a local tradition sort of like people running the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum like Rocky. Championship Hill resides behind Pennridge High School. It comprises of four steep inclines - at least 35 - 45 degree inclines - and each longer than the last. Each incline is separated by a plateau that's the width of a soccer field. This picture is looking down from the top on the side that you run up ... It doesn't do the Championship Hill justice.

The tradition is to run from the bottom to the top on one side and run across the top and down the opposite side. I decided to run up and down the hill for twenty minutes. Each hill requires you to high step and pump your legs.

The last trip up the hill was a dozy. I had to coach myself up the last incline by saying "Keep going! Stay strong to the finish!" At the top of the last incline, I was exhausted. Breathing heavily, I walked back down to my car - savoring every moment of the walk and the beautiful day!

I guess in life we're either climbing Championship Hill or sliding downhill. I'd rather climb Championship Hill

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