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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

60 sit-ups in a minute challenge - Week Two

Wow! my new 60 sit-ups in a minute challenge website is getting hundreds of visitors per day. Many people are on-board and taking the challenge.

Are you up for the 60 sit-ups in a minute challenge? Visit the site at

With some of the feedback, I continue to make improvements to the site. You will notice that now the max set gives you a time limit. These sets are to test your speed once you're already tired. So really pump out those sit-ups during the max set.

I am in my second week of the situp challenge. Every day, I feel a good burn in my abs, but it's not something that I can handle. At the end of the week, I perform my test to see where I fall for week three. Week Three looks a little more challenging.

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