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Monday, October 13, 2008

Be a Creator of Value

Many people ask what do I do most of the day. Our karate program runs at nights leaving me most of the day. My schedule allows me to work in a creative mode. I spend most of my days creating extra value to ours lives…

Most recently – I wrote and designed a fitness program called the 60 situps in a minute that I made available free at The site already has many challengers working towards better core strength and health. I received an e-mail from Sagan at and she increased her crunches from 40 to 64 in a minute. Making her the first to complete the challenge.

Blogs are another method of creating huge value for readers. The best part about blogs is that they’re more personal. Are you having financial problems? Well, you can find bloggers writing about their struggles with money and their journeys towards financial security. Need some fitness partners? There’s plenty of them writing about their fitness journeys.

Writing lesson plans – I continual write new karate lesson plans. Right now, I am writing material for our new leadership program. Our leadership program becomes more and more robust as I continue to write. The great thing about the leadership program is that the material is a reminder of the qualities that I want to continue to develop.

What’s next? I am putting a breakfast planner together. It will use some of the breakfast recipes that I post and come with a shopping list to easily shop for your breakfast menu every week.

Most of these things, I do to create value in people's lives.

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