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Thursday, October 9, 2008

De-evolution and the Devil’s Advocate

In college, I took an evolution class. Dr. Hunter presented the question one day “Is the human race evolving forward?” Everyone raised the hand saying “yes”. They sited reasons like all the advancements in technology, computers, and medicine (this was before cell phones and the internet so I can only imagine what they would said now).

In the class, only one student raised their hand for “No” – the Devil’s Advocate. You guessed it, that student was me. I even remember the look of disguise on everyone’s face. How dare I suggest that human kind is not moving forward? I heard a guy two rows back on my right call me an idiot under his breath. My argument was that medical science allows people to live longer even with genetic disorders therefore prorogating the genetic disorder. Well luckily, the professor agreed and said that one famous geneticist predicts that humans by 2100 will be genetic monstrosities.

Fast-forward 15 years to today…
I feel a little different about this issue. With over 80% of American overweight, I think the issue has more to do with society we live in. We are becoming monstrosities with our own lack of self-control. At the current trend, I believe Americans are in a health crisis. At this rate, the question is will the average American become so unhealthy that medicine will not help and our health care system can’t support.

I think Roger L. De Haan book title explains it best – We don’t die, We kill ourselves. Our best defense is to raise our standard of health. Karate is a perfect weapon in this health crisis because we teach self-control but also, provide a health dose of exercise. Help yourself fight the battle against this impending health crisis.

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